SG Hp 33 Pro Players Grade English Willow Cricket Bat – SH


SG Hp 33 Pro Players Grade English Willow Cricket Bat – SH

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SG HP 33 Pro Players Grade English Willow Cricket Bat – SH

The SG HP Players Cricket Bat is a professional Reserve English Willow cricket bat. As a Pro Players’ Grade cricket bat, this bat is hand crafted by the highly experienced bat makers at SG cricket using only the TOP 1% of clefts available. Inspired by brute power of Hardik Pandya, the HP series boasts a huge profile for cricketers who like to hit big.
The weight distribution and balance of this bat is exceptional where the bat picks up true to weight, if not lighter. Big edges and a massive sweet spot means that there is virtually no place, including the edges, where does not generate massive power.
• Construction: The very best Pro Players’ Grade bat expertly hand crafted from the top 1% of available clefts, with plenty of absolute straight and evenly distributed grains Profile: Full profile with little to no concaving, clean face with slightly round face
Shape: Big shape to drive willow into every inch of the bat for heavy hitting
• Sweet Spot: Mid to low sweet spot for all round explosive shot making
Handle: Power Drive – Semi-oval handle made out of 12 piece imported cane handle
Edges: Huge subcontinent style edges (~40mm edges)
• Pick Up: Great balance and very light pick up for ease of play
Finish: Fully Knocked with FREE 15,000 knocks on our fully automated machine (no further knocking required and ready to play)

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Weight1.4 kg


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Damage caused by
dampness, swelling of toe
and moisture damage
Such type of damage occurs
as result of use in wet
NO manufacturing defect
not replaceable
Edge and toe cracks
Edge and toe cracksIncorrect playNO manufacturing defect
not replaceable
Handle breaksWeak handleNO manufacturing defect
not replaceable
Handle can be replaced,
and bat repaired.
Shoulder crackMis hit or ball hitting the ball
in full.
NO manufacturing defect
not replaceable
Damage and surface cracks
on the bat
Over oiling usage of poor
quality of cricket balls.
NO manufacturing defect
not replaceable
Crack across the bladeCaused because of wood


  • Apply raw linseed oil to the face, edges of the bat evenly. While oiling take care not
    to over the bat.
  • Leave the bat horizontal and face up to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not apply oil on bats with full protective tape on it.
  • KNOCKING of the bat is very IMPORTANT as it increases the performance of the
    bat and also the life span of the bat.
  • Start by hitting the middle of the bat slowly. The edges and toes of the bat needs to
    be carefully handled as hitting hard on them may crack the willow. The back of the
    bat need not to knocked.
  • After knocking it is advisable to use it in the nets with old cricket ball.
  • Apply fibre tape


  • Check the bat regularly for any damages.
  • Incase of damage to the bat take immediate action.
  • Do not use the bat until the bat is repaired.
  • Do not keep the bat in very hot and wet areas.
  • Do not use cheap hard balls.